Hidden Gems Women create events and opportunities to encourage women to take the next steps to build products that they are passionate about.  All events and opportunities are supported by the men and women who use their talents and skills to ensure women realize their potential and move forward to build the products of their dreams. 

Business Weekend for All

October 16 - 19, 2014

Bronx Business Incubator
890 Garrison Ave
Hunts PointNY 10474

Kickoff Event: Taking Steps towards an Entrepreneurial Dream

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cost: $10 

Taking Steps Towards an Entrepreneurial Dream is a Thursday Night Networking and Panelists event to ignite and to encourage Bronx Entrepreneurship. The event will have four panelists who are in the world of venture capitalist, technology, angel investing and business development. The Thursday event is meant to increase awareness and connections amongst participants in the Bronx and other startup communities around NYC.

 The kickoff event on October 16 entitled “Taking Steps Towards an Entrepreneurial Dream” will feature stories from women about how they have succeeded as entrepreneurs. Panelists include:

  • Veronica Guzman, owns her owns venture company, WAM Ventures.

  • Sarah Kunst, is a partner at Fortis Partners and the recipient of  the Marie Claire Young Gun - Top Women Under 35.

  • Chrys Wu is a journalist and technology advocate at the New York Times & an exceptional meetup leader for NYC Ruby Women.

  • Chelsea Rao is a connector within the New York State and City organizations.  She develop and implement economic development strategies for New York State. 

You never know, if you never show!!

Business Creation Weekend for Women Event 

 Friday October 17th to Sunday October 19th

Cost: $20

  • This weekend is meant to INSPIRE the Idea Woman who has done some work and needs a little bit more support (like a website).

  • This weekend is about the Technical & Business Woman who knows women BUILDING and CREATING sustainable businesses will change the world.

  • This weekend is about All Women changing the way we ENCOURAGE and MOTIVATE one another towards success.


Being entrepreneurial is always a challenge. This Business Creation Weekend focuses on building out or building on ideas that women have and showcasing these ideas on Sunday. Women at different levels of entrepreneurship are encouraged to attend because of three things: the space is beautiful,  when creatives come together great things can be built, and lastly, all the support you need will be in one place. 

The Business Creation Weekend for Women will start on Friday evening with pitches from women participants about ideas to work on over the weekend. Attendees will pair off with female advisors with expertise in business and technology to build a prototype and business plan over the weekend. On Sunday evening, each team will showcase their business to an audience of business and tech experts for the opportunities to secure funding or partnerships for their ventures.


All women are welcome because you are good enough, and your ideas are good enough. 

There is always a need for volunteers who don't mind taking an hour to answer questions a woman might have. We will make sure she treats you to coffee or tea! Thank you for your support.